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E. F. Design Studio

Monuments of Everlasting Beauty

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Carving Library

Floral Selection

Select a floral type below to view carvings.

Floral carvings, also known as corner carvings, are often used as the main
design element on a head stone. Whether you are designing a flush grave marker
or a horizontal tablet style gravestone you can use most of these carvings in
the upper left and right hand corners. You may also add or substitute
 these carvings to a design selected from our Tablets and Markers. There may
be an extra charge for complicated substitutions to designs.

-- Carving styles --

A shaped floral carving has a natural appearance. It is carved in a way that
gives the flower depth and varying shadows. Shaping requires extra time and
a craftsmen's skills since the work is done by hand. You can also have a
flower deep shaped. It's much deeper and more realistic. But deep carved
flowers are much more expensive and are mostly used for roses and lilies.
A flat floral carving consists of two fairly simple processes. First the carvings
shape is frosted into the polish. Then the lines that make up the floral design
are recessed approx. 3/16" to 1/4".
Skin Frosted
Skin frosted carvings are sometimes used on dark polished granites such as
jet black, impala and mahogany. The lines of the drawing get sandblasted
enough to remove the polish and produces an etched appearance.















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