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Help Info.


Placing an order
When we receive your order we will send you a confirmation within 24 hours.
If your Monument or Pre-Cut Stencil is going to be carved and/or lettered you will
receive by fax a black and white line drawing scaled to fit an 8 1/2" x 11" letter
size paper. In most cases you should receive this drawing within 5 days.
The scale drawing will illustrate the monument size, finishes, shape and include all
 carvings, emblems and inscriptions. Before we proceed with the order the scale
drawing must be approved by signing and faxing the drawing back to us.
 Important: Before approving the drawing it must be checked for errors, yours
and ours. Carefully check and double check the monuments size, color
finishes, shape/style, the selected Design, the selected carvings
emblems, crosses, etc. and their placement/location, and most importantly the
inscriptions i.e. Family names, Names, Dates and all other words. Spelling errors
are the most common mistakes when ordering a monument. We recommend
double checking the drawing and letting someone else check it for you.
We can not be held responsible for any errors after the drawing is approved.
If you find mistakes clearly mark them on the drawing and explain what
was done wrong. Then fax that drawing to us. We will fix the mistakes and send
you a new revised drawing for approval.
Note: We prefer to send and receive these scale drawings by fax or postage. E-mailed
drawings loose their quality after printing and then faxing them or e-mailing them
back to us. If you have any questions regarding this please contact us.

Order Choices

1. Granite Monument with carving and/or lettering
Select this when you want us to supply the granite and sandblast the carving
 and/or the lettering. Then we will ship the completed monument to the location
that you have specified on the order form. Cost of shipping depends on weight.
2. Granite Monument with Pre-cut Stencil
Choose this when you want to order the granite and Pre-cut Stencil to be sent
to you or another company for sandblasting the carving and/or lettering. Be sure
to specify where the products are going to be shipped to.
Cost of shipping depends on weight.

3. Pre-cut Stencil and carving
Select this when you want us to provide the Pre-cut Stencil and also sandblast
 the carving and/or lettering. You will provide the granite. We will pick up
the granite from a manufacturer in the Barre, Vermont area. If the granite
is coming from another area please contact us to make arrangements. Then
we will ship completed monument to you. Cost of shipping depends on weight.
4. Pre-cut Stencil only
Select this when ordering Pre-cut stencil. After we receive approval of drawing
we will mail the stencil to you or any specified location. There will be a shipping
charge for cost of postage. We do not charge a handling fee.  We can also
deliver the stencil to any manufacturer in the Barre, Vermont area at no charge.

5. Granite monument only
Choose this when ordering a Granite monument only. When the monument is
complete we will deliver it to you or the location specified on the order form.
Cost of shipping depends on weight.

Payment Information
-- Invoices --
Once you have placed an order you will receive an invoice. Invoices will be
sent at different times depending on the following: If your order consists
of a monument or pre-cut stencil with carving and/or lettering you will
 be invoiced when you receive a scale drawing for approval. If your order
is for a granite monument without carvings or lettering then you will be
invoiced within a few days of placing order.
-- Payment methods --

For your convenience we accept Visa or Mastercard payments. You can
pay with your credit card by phone. You can also send credit card
payments through Paypal. Paypal is a popular payment method used on
E-bay. Once you set up an account with Paypal you can send your payment
to us without sending us your credit card information. Paypal will then send the
payment to our paypal account. This is a secure way to send payments.
For more information on Paypal payments check out:
You may also pay with checks, personal or cashier, and money orders.
Personal Checks must clear before we ship any products.
-- Payments for New Customers --
Retailers & Manufacturers will be required to pay 75% of invoice
before we ship Monuments. Remaining balance for monuments must
be paid within 30 days of shipping.
Pre-cut stencil invoices under $100.00 must be paid within 30 days of shipping.
Pre-cut stencil invoices over $100.00 require payment of 50% before shipping
and the balance is due within 30 days after shipping.
-- Payments for Established Customers --
If after a few transactions you have followed our terms and sent payments
on time then you may be able to set up a payment schedule with us. This will
allow you to receive most orders, including monuments, before payment is made.
When you receive your order it will include an invoice that must be paid in full
within 30 days. Payments can be made using the methods listed above.

Design selection

This section is for ordering a design from: Horizontal tablets, Vertical tablets
Flush markers, Slant markers, Heart shapes and Unique shapes. The Design
 box is where you enter the design number. Most designs will begin with EFD.
 A few designs begin with RE or P-. If the chosen design is to be carved on the
   front then put the design number into the Front
box. If an additional design
  is going on the back then enter a design number into the Back box.
 Modifications to the design must be clearly explained in the box provided.
Major design modifications may carry an extra fee for time involved. You
should contact us for a quote in this case. Minor design modifications, such as
replacing a rose with a rosette, changing panel styles, enlarging or reducing
carving by 10-15%, switching carving onto the
other side, removing certain
objects from carving, changing a verse that is incorporated into the design, etc.,
can usually be performed without an extra charge. You may want to contact us
to be sure that your modifications will not cost extra.

Carvings from Library
Use this section when designing your monument with carvings from the
Carving library. Also use this section to add carvings, such as crosses, emblems
animals, etc. to the selected design. The Library name from which you selected
 the carving from must be entered into the box. Examples of library names are
Sports, Crosses, Doves, Rose carvings. Next you will need to enter the
Selection # into the box . The selection number appears underneath each carving
in the library. An example of a selection # is Ang002 from the Angels library.
Make sure to select front or back. If you don't select one then we will assume
that the carving goes on the front of the monument. To Mirror a carving means
to make it face the opposite direction. A Mirror copy will copy the carving and
place it on the other side and make it face the opposite direction. For example
let's say that this > is our carving and we mirror copy it onto the other side of
the monument then we would end up with this > < a carving on each side.
Then explain where the carving is to be positioned using the provided box. You
may want a carving located under the family name panel, in each
upper corner or perhaps in between two inscription panels.
IMPORTANT: Underneath each carving in the Carving Library is a selection
number and under that in black numbers is the size of the carving in inches. This
size is the longest dimension in either height or length. When selecting a carving
keep in mind that depending on the size of the monument ordered there may be
limited space. Although most carvings can be easily scaled up or down 10-15%
anything greater than that may require some additional work and could cost
extra. This is especially important when ordering angels, flowers and
emblems. Please contact us if you are not sure that your carvings will fit.

Carving styles

A shaped floral carving has a natural appearance. It is carved in a way that
gives the flower depth and varying shadows. Shaping requires extra time and
a craftsmen's skills since the work is done by hand. You can also have a
flower deep shaped. It's much deeper and more realistic. But deep carved
flowers are much more expensive and are mostly used for roses and lilies.
A flat floral carving consists of two fairly simple processes. First the carvings
shape is frosted into the polish. Then the lines that make up the floral design
are recessed approx. 3/16" to 1/4".
Skin Frosted
Skin frosted carvings are sometimes used on dark polished granites such as
jet black, impala and mahogany. The lines of the drawing get sandblasted
enough to remove the polish and produces an etched appearance.

This part of the form is where all text will be entered. The Family name boxes
should only be used if the family name is going to appear separately from the
first names or if the family name is going on the back. For example most
Tablets have the family name inside a separate panel located in the center of
the monument and the first name and date inscriptions are placed in panels
 below the family name. Next you can select the letter size desired (if the size
selected is to large to fit on the monument then we will use a size that fits).
Or leave the size box blank and we will use an appropriate size letter. Select
front or back so we know what side the name is going on. Now select the Letter
you want from Lettering styles. Remember that if you want to use upper
and lower case letters than you must select a letter style that has those cases.
Then when you type the information you should use the cases as you want them
to appear. Also if you selected a style that has both cases but only want all
upper case than the information must be typed using upper case. Next you can
select a Panel style from the carving library or leave blank and we will use the
same panel that appears in the selected Design. If you did not select a design
and leave the panel box blank then we will use a single line panel. The next
step is to explain where the family name is to be positioned on the monument.
The Name boxes are where the first, middle (usually the middle initial)
and last name will go. Remember if the family name is separate than usually
you would not repeat it in the name box. You will also use the name box to
inscribe the birth and death dates, relation, military position/awards and any
 other information associated with that name. Once again you must select
letter style, panel style, location and position as explained with family names.
Note: Additional names will use the same letter and panel style as name 1.
Other lettering is for endearments, quotes, phases, etc. that you want
placed on the monument.  You can choose a different letter and panel style
 than the names. In most cases this lettering is positioned at the
bottom center or top center but can be placed wherever you want.

Price Quotes

Quotes for granite and sandblasting are good for 30 days. After 30 days you should
have us check the quote to see if has changed. Quotes are for serious inquiries
  only. Since quotes can take a fair amount of time to prepare we have certain
guidelines: We provide quotes at our discretion. New visitors will be eligible for a
 predetermined number of quotes. If we do not receive any orders after having quoted
 you up to that number than we may decide not to provide you with future quotes.
Multiple quotes on the same order will not count toward this number.
Customers that have placed orders with us will continue to receive quotes.
If you have any questions about our guidelines please contact us.




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