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E. F. Design Studio

Monuments of Everlasting Beauty

Select a beautiful grave marker
using the largest
design library on the net!

Shipping to all 50 States.

High Quality Granite Headstones, Grave Markers, Gravestones and Designs.





Help Info.

 Price Quotes
Quotes for grave markers and headstone are good for 60 days. After 60 days you should
 have us check the quote to see if it has changed.
Click here for more quote info.
See our Design Guide for helpful information on designing and selecting a monument.

-- Quote form --
This is not an automated form. Each quote is prepared by a qualified employee.
Most quotes will be sent in 2 days excluding weekends.

  Important: We don't charge a flat rate for Design, Symbols/Emblems and Lettering. This way you don't pay for options that you don't want. Please Be sure to indicate
the Design and/or Carvings from the library. Also include the
family name, names, dates and endearment phrases, quotes or poems.
Need help with this form?...Just click a word that is light blue for more information.
You may also call us at 802-476-6971 for a quote or additional help with this form.

To receive a quote you must enter following about yourself.
All information we receive is for our use only. We don't give this info. to other companies.
We will only contact you if we need additional information to prepare the price quote.
Please double check the accuracy of your information.
First    Last

Address: Street    City

State    Zip code

Phone     Fax (optional)

E-mail address:
Price quotes are sent by e-mail. Please double check e-mail address for accuracy.

Monument will be shipped to this Zip code:

-- Monument Specifications --
Important: selections that have a "$" next to it means that is not
a standard selection and therefore will cost extra.

Monument Style       
Granite color

Size (in inches): Length   Width   Height
  Check for standard finishes.  Or select finishes below

Top Finish:    Sides Finish:
Top Shape (tablets & slants):   
Front Finish (tablets):   Back Finish (tablets):
Click here to view monument contours.


-- Design Selection --
Designs selected from H. Tablets, V. Tablets, Markers, Slants, Heart and Unique shapes
and/or designs selected from the Carving Library.
Design #'s: Front (or marker top)
Sandblasting method:
Other Design not found in this website. Please Explain:

No design and the following applies:

-- Inscription information --
This section is for the writing that you want on the monument.
Family/Last name
Use this box if family name will be placed separately from the names and dates.
(usually tablets & Slant markers)
       Panel style:
Names and dates

Panel style:
Endearment phrase, quote, poem, etc.

Panel style:
Click here for Inscription panel selection
-- Base Specifications --
Important: base color is usually the same as the monument color. Flush grave markers
and bevel grave markers usually do not require a base.

Granite color:  

Size (in inches): Length   Width   Height
Check for standard finishes.  Or select finishes below

Top Finish:     Sides finish:
Other specifications for base.
-- Other information --






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