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E. F. Design Studio

Monuments of Everlasting Beauty

Select a beautiful grave marker
using the largest
design library on the net!

Shipping to all 50 States.

High Quality Granite Headstones, Grave Markers, Gravestones and Designs.





Help Info.


Requesting things not found in our site.

1. Designs, Carvings, emblems, etc. not found in our website.

If You have a design, carving, emblem, etc. in mind but couldn't find it on our website
please send us a picture or a sketch because we might have something similar to it.
 We have a few thousand designs in stock that are not displayed on our site. Eventually we will have all of our popular designs displayed here. It involves a great amount of time
   to get them ready for this site. Just fax, mail, or e-mail us a copy of what you are looking for. If we have something similar we will send you a copy. If it will work then
   proceed with your order using the design # that we include with the picture.

2. True-type fonts for inscriptions.

If you want to use true-type font letters on your monument you should first send us an
e-mail or fax showing us the font. Some true-type fonts will not work for sandblasting
because parts of the letters may be too thin or too thick. We may also request that you
send us the font file for us to download in the event that we don't have it. We recommend
using our letter styles for monuments to prevent any complications or extra charges.

3. Etchings

Although we do not showcase etchings we can provide them for you. Please
tell us what you are looking for and we will provide you with a quote.
We have many professional etchers in our area that provide monument etchings.
 Before an etching is done the artist will provide a sketch for your approval.




E. F. Design Studio
P. O. Box 450
East Barre, VT 05649
Phone: 802-476-6971  ---  Fax: 802-479-5941

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